Surface Dressing Highways and Public Roads

Public Road & Highway Resurfacing

The damaging effects of the weather can be detrimental to roads. More importantly, it can be dangerous for drivers and pedestrians if left untreated. With purse strings pulled tight it can be difficult to find a solution that can restore roads back to their glory days.

Chesterton Surfacing is a highly respected company with the aim to produce high quality work at superior rates. We continually strive to meet the needs of all our clients, including local authorities.

We are accredited under the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS). This demonstrates our compliance and sound management of the current basic health and safety legislation.

surface dressing in road construction

Surface dressing in road construction. The best solution for the current economic climate.

Our highly trained professionals assure our commitment to quality and safety to every client they work with. Our name is our brand and with that we have over 45 years of experience to draw from. The surface dressing method has been mastered and perfected by us, making it easy for us for assure our clients a final results that exceeds their expectations and makes them 100% satisfied.

Resurfacing roads and highways is now faster and inexpensive.

By being such a quick process it means that more roads can be restored to their former glory with a minimal level of disruption to the surrounding areas. The hot bitumen applied is waterproof, preventing the degrading effects of water ingress. Efficaciously sealing the road. Roads can be reopened quickly as vehicle tyres aid in embedding the chippings into the surface of the roads.

Resurfacing a public road can add another ten years to its lifespan.

Surface dressing reduces the need for a new road to be constructed from scratch. This type of repair work can be used again and again further down the line too. Surface dressing prevents the likes of oxidation and water ingress from causing future damage to roads.

The bitumen and aggregates we use at Chesterton Surfacing are of exceptional quality. With the public’s safety in our hands we take every precaution to ensure the workmanship provided is of the highest standards. We construct road surfaces that are durable and have an increased skid resistance.

Surface dressing can protect against the harmful effects of frost, snow and other dangerous elements.

Keeping public roads and highways open and available for use is vital. Congestion on larger, busier roads can be avoided with surface dressing. We work hard to make sure the roads we service are fully operational in the shortest of time periods.

Our highly experienced professionals and customer service team can ensure your project is completed exactly the way you want. We can help you decide on suitable specifications and other relevant options for public roads, highways and much more.

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