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Our Surface Dressing Solutions Cover The Following Areas and More

Chesterton Surfacing has extensive experience in surface dressing. We provide tarmacadam and resurfacing services for Car Parks, Large Driveways, Farm Tracks, Commercial & Industrial Estates, Private & Estate Roads, and Public Roads & Highways.

Roads can become marred over the years through constant use, improper drainage and overloading. In our many years we have perfected the use of Bitumen and Aggregates (Tar and Chip) to produce smooth, high quality surfaces. All kinds of road surface damage can be repaired, including cracks and even potholes.

Resurfacing roads for our clients is not all we do. We also have experience in restoring road surfaces and constructing them too. Plus experience in Car Parks, Driveways, Farm Tracks and Commercial & Industrial Estates.

Surface Dressing Car Parks

Car Parks

Whether you want to resurface an existing car park or require surface dressing for a newly constructed car park, we’ve got you covered. Business car park or a residential parking space? No project is too tough for us to tackle. We are here to apply our years of experience to resurface and restore car parks to their former glory.

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Surface Dressing Large Driveways

Large Driveways

Let us resurface aged and worn down driveways into a solidly smooth asphalt drive which adds value to your property. We always over-deliver and will assist you in selecting a cost effective resurfacing  plan for your driveway and implement a solution for you cost effectively. Your new driveway will stay preserved for a long period of time.

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Farm Tracks

We resurface tracks so they can withstand the excess weight of farm equipment. Designing and constructing farm tracks with bitumen and aggregates is inexpensive. The smooth surface created increases productivity; speeding up operations and minimising the amount of wear and tear the track experiences.

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Surface Dressing and Restoration Industrial Commercial Estate

Commercial & Industrial Estates

Resurfacing Commercial & Industrial Estates grounds restores the strength and durability of tarmacked surfaces. Constant use of commercial estates wears down the grip, increasing the likelihood of skidding. Resurfacing reduces the chances of  an accident occurring and prevents damage from overloading.

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Surface Dressing Private Roads

Private & Estate Roads

We resurface and restore, private and estate roads efficiently whilst minimising the level of disturbance to the surrounding areas. Our surface dressing professionals and customer service team will guide you through the whole process, from start to finish.

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Surface Dressing Public Road

Public Roads & Highways

Resurfacing and restoring roads can extend their lifespan by around 10 years. Effectively aiding in protecting them against the damaging effects of water ingress and oxidation. We keep drivers safe by creating skid resistant surfaces that are not only durable, but are also of tremendous value for our clients.

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